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eAmmattipätevyys CPC Training (Driver Certificate of Professional Competence)

The most flexible and effective way of taking professional-competence training

The eAmmattipätevyys CPC Training is a way to take professional-competence degrees in a more flexible way, based on our new training concept. The training is based on training days constructed in an electronic learning environment. The training combines videos, interactive exercises, and other web-enabled alternatives. However, everything occurs in a classroom together, under the guidance of an instructor.

Flexibility and interest

Our training material is accessible online, and has received a great deal of praise. Instead of a sometimes slow-paced lecture, videos and other captivating contents keep the training going at just the right tempo. This allows for a generous amount of content in the training sessions.

Effective implementation

Videos and interactive exercises make the training more effective than a traditional classroom teaching model. The training raises a genuine curiosity and challenges each user in a personal way. Our training centre is located in the facilities of Liikennekoulu Grani in the centre of Kauniainen. We also provide tailored training, based on customer needs in the customer’s premises.

The eAmmattipätevyys CPC Training is an electronic learning concept and has been approved of by Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi.



We offer motivated newcomers training models which lead to a degree. A basic-level professional-competence training can be taken flexibly as a paid apprenticeship training. Drivers who are already professionally active in the sector can upgrade their driving-licence classes by taking part in our training models leading to a degree, as part of their basic degree. For many years now, our service concept has brought many drivers with extensive skills into the logistics sector. We co-operate with the best institutes in the sector.

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• eAmmattipätevyys CPC Training
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We also provide a nationwide possibility to organise training in the customer’s own premises.