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Duolog’s national driver pool ensures that the customer’s vehicles are kept on the road, even when it is not cost-effective for the company to recruit employed drivers or have them commit themselves long-term. Our skilled professionals are ready to serve you flexibly, based upon your specific needs. Our extended experience enables us to understand the demands set by various types of transport assignments. Behind each success we have a professional driver, because we have already selected the best drivers in the sector.

We know our customers in person, and we like to work together with them. In all your assignments, you can rely on us to complete the job as agreed.

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At first, we will discuss the duration and requirements of the work, and also other wishes or issues to be noted in order to succeed in performing the work task.

We will give you a definite quote directly after the survey has been completed.

We will select the best drivers to ensure the success of the transport job in question.

Logistics solutions

Warehouse services

Our reliable warehouse logistics professionals will work efficiently, wherever needed.

Terminal services

Our experienced team will ensure smooth operations at transport terminals at all times.

Tailored solutions

Detailed planning and professional implementation enable us to carry out a solution specifically adapted to customer needs.